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Questions About the Weather and if the Game Goes On?

Games can be cancelled for a couple of weather reasons. (click on image for status updates)

  1. Severe weather
  2. Field conditions.  Either the school district or city officials will advise the LMAA if this happens. 

Please view the status of your game field on the image link.

Games will be played in the rain (if no lightning).

Practice Locations by Grade - Practices start for some grades on Monday, August 12th. Connect with your coach for any questions.

Grade Location Days Start Time
2nd MHS Lower Grass Fields Wednesday only After school starts
3rd Scenic Heights Elementary Coach to advise Coach to advise
4th Groveland Elementary MTW&Th Coach to advise
5th Minnewashta & Badger Field MTW&Th Coach to advise
6th MME Green Space MTW&Th Coach to advise
7th Minnetonka High School MTW&Th 6-8pm
8th Minnetonka High School MTW&Th 6-8pm

All practice schedules are directed by your coach, please connect with them for practice time changes and the latest plans.

Safety Concerns About Your Child Playing Football....

Our sport has never been safer. 

Click icon to learn more...

Click to Volunteer:

It takes a village and without you as volunteers, we would not be able to function.  Thank you for your dedication.  

Watch the Varsity Games here....on YOUTUBE

New for Fall 2019 - Non Tackle Football - 2nd & 3rd Grade

Click on any image below to learn more.

Pre-season Scrimmages:

Scrimmage with Chaska - 8th Grade

Scrimmage with Eden Prairie - 8th Grade

Friday Night Lights...

Friday, March 15th Coach Nelson held his annual Friday Night Lights in the Tonka Dome. This event is held for rising freshman and is an introduction to the Tonka Football High School Program and Coaches. It was a fun time for all...

Westside Football Classic Tournament

5th Grade - Class of 2026 - with their 3rd Place Trophy

7th Grade - Class of 2024 - with their 2nd Place Trophy

2017 6th Grade Team with their 3rd place trophy.

Tonka Class of 2025 and 2024 Will Utilize Smash Routes

Given a new playbook with the transition from 9-man 6th grade to 11-man 7th grade, coaches & players turned to SMASH Routes to make the learning process easier and more fun. Click on the icons below for more information:

SMASH Routes: The best mobile game for ATHLETES to learn their TEAM'S plays and terminology.

Touchdown Club Team image below


Please consider becoming a member of the Minnetonka Touchdown Club !!  Detailed information on what the Touchdown Club does for TFA and Minnetonka Football can be found on the Touchdown Club Tab.

The Randy Shaver Cancer Research and Community Fund partnered with the MFCA to challenge every high school football team to sponsor at least one “Tackle Cancer” night during the months of September and October. Fans attending the game can make donations towards funding additional cancer research and together we are “Tackling Cancer.”
#INAM - Go Tonka
Amy Barth
Minnetonka Volunteer - Tackle Cancer.


Participate in as many sports as you possibly can.  Fight the pressure to specialize in any one sport and trust that the lessons learned in different sports crossover and help you far more than hurt you.  Respect the season you are in and dedicate yourself to your team and your coaches.  Learn to compete with class and improve from your successes and failures.

You are the Future of Minnetonka Football.

Go Tonka!