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Practices can be cancelled for a couple of weather related reasons.  Severe weather is the most obvious reason.  In addition, fields that experience prolonged wet/rainy conditions, may result in the Minnetonka School District not allowing teams onto the practice fields. 

Excluding the factors listed above, practices will be conducted in rainy conditions. Coaches have the discretion to cancel practices on rainy dates if they feel it is warranted.   The development of lightening will suspend practices immediately. 

The Area Director does have the discretion to cancel practice if the league feels necessary.


Games can be cancelled for a couple of weather reasons.

  1. Severe weather
  2. Field conditions.  Either the school district or city officials will advise the LMAA if this happens. 

Please view the status of your game field on the table to the right...  this is maintained as close to real time as possible.